Get the best production fixers when filming in Tunisia. Choose to have by your side a fully vetted team of production fixers. For the support you deserve, rely on Fixer Tunisia.

Our production assistance in Tunisia is available to film and TV production crews. We are also open to collaboration as production coordinators for foreign journalists.

Our story as production fixers in Tunisia has a strong connection with Storytailors. This international video production company connects global media experts with journalists and filmmakers. The goal: provide the best local resources for filming worldwide.

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Professional Production Fixers

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Filming in Tunisia is part of your upcoming production plans? If you do not want to hide your head in the sand, rely on top production support. Our team of fully vetted production fixers is at your service. We strive to be a leading journalist fixer and for that, we will go the extra mile for our clients’ satisfaction.

When filming in Tunisia, our expert support is an oasis in the desert for any production company. Our production fixers can cover various roles and accommodate any unplanned shortages. If you need a camera operator, a production assistant or a location manager, we have you covered.

Our wide range of services covers the whole country, from seashores to desert dunes. International media brands have trusted us to be their journalist fixer. So if you plan covering a story or filming in Tunisia, count on us. We have the knowledge and contacts to chase any topic.

Our general production assistance comes with very flexible costs. Equipment rental, location scouting, translation, we ensure it is local, reliable and affordable.

Partner up with professional production fixers and write your own story. Trust our top-notch support when filming in Tunisia. We are a one-stop-shop for both small and large-scale productions.

Our Production Manager

Production Manager in Tunisia


Mercy is a professional African Production Manager with over 17 years of expertise in translating thoughts, ideas, and concepts into impactful content.

Mercy’s expertise spans a wide spectrum, ranging from short films to full-length feature films and documentaries.

As an alumni of the prestigious Berlinale Talent Campus, Mercy has produced in Africa films for Discovery Channel, BBC, Sony Entertainment, MTV,  including directing live wildlife shows in the Maasai Mara (Kenya) and Sabi Sands (South Africa) for Nat Geo Wild. This breadth of experience showcases her adaptability and skill in navigating different storytelling approaches.

Production Assistance For Worldwide Media Brands

To enjoy professional production assistance, count on Fixer Tunisia. We are the answer you are looking for when it comes to filming in Tunisia. Get access to top-quality local resources, at the best deals. Reliable and affordable support is what our team of production fixers knows to do best. Fixer Tunisia provides the best services that will not force you to break the bank.

Our reputation as the leading production fixers is no illusion. In and out of the desert, we strive to offer filmmakers and journalists a unique experience. When filming in Tunisia, trust the same choice as famous international media brands. History Channel and Discovery Channel recommend our team of production fixers. For documentary filming and more, we can provide you with extensive production assistance. BBC and the New York Times trusted our professional support. And so should you, when filming in Tunisia.

For TV shoots or documentary filming, Fixer Tunisia caters to the best local resources. The filmmakers and journalists we work with know we are very dedicated to our work. Enjoy top services and the sweetest deals. Choose Fixer Tunisia, choose top-performance in production assistance. Drop us a line and tell us more about your upcoming plans for filming in Tunisia.

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