For video productions that seem from a planet far far away in the galaxy, choose filming in Tunisia. Explore topics for news reports in a country still building its democracy. For any kind of audiovisual production, the top journalist fixers in Tunisia are here. We provide extensive support to filmmakers or media crews when filming in Tunisia.

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Access for Filming in Tunisia

Filming in Tunisia, Filming in Tunisia

Filming in Tunisia has been the top choice for many Hollywood well-known filmmakers. The English Patient or Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark are movies set in Cairo but shot in Tunisia. You know by now the Tataouine Berber homes and the surrounding desert from Star Wars. A New Hope used the area to envision Tatooine, the planet far far away in the galaxy.

With such a prolific filmmaking portfolio, Tunisia sounds very attractive to international producers. Add all-encompassing production assistance in the scene and it gets better. For documentary filming or any news reports, trust on our team of local journalist fixers. Rely on our insightful experience to get the legal permit for filming in Tunisia. We ensure that filmmakers or media crews get all the legal work done most efficiently. With our production assistance, you know you will get to work in no time.

Formalities for filming in Tunisia involve submitting requests to the Ministry of Culture. The good news is you get your legal permissions in about a week, as they get approved in 3-7 days. Authorities grant one single permit, valid for the full period of filming in Tunisia.

Make sure you don’t end up wandering through the desert of formalities. Rely on the help of experienced journalist fixers to help you get access to filming in Tunisia. Learn more about the Tunisian government requirements. For top results, count on our production assistance when filming in Tunisia.

Getting Film Permits In Tunisia

Filming in Tunisia is as easy as a camel ride, with the support of experienced production fixers. Count on our crew of local journalist fixers to guide you through the legal formalities. For all the steps in getting film permits in Tunisia, rely on top production assistance.

The good news is a single permit covers your full period for filming in Tunisia. Requests for legal permissions go to the Ministry of Culture. Procedures for getting film permits in Tunisia take up to a week. If your crew members are US or EU citizens, there is no need for a work visa. For the case of other countries, we can help by advising on specific visa requirements. As leading journalist fixers, we can provide full details about the approvals needed.

As local production fixers, negotiation for the small details is one of our top skills. Leave the haggle on the experts and the Fixer Tunisia crew makes sure things are to your advantage.

Tunisia has been in the spotlight as a film location for more than 40 years. With professional production fixers by your side, you don’t have to hide your head in the sand. So if you plan an upcoming video production here, drop us a line.

Tax Rebate in Tunisia

The Tunisian Government tries to encourage the film industry more. Foreign filmmakers get support for filming in Tunisia. Let us reveal all the secrets of this support scheme. We are a local fixer for film production, at your service.

If filming in Tunisia is part of your plans, learn more about the tax rebates. As an experienced fixer for film production, we can answer your questions. The rebate represents the funds paid to the production company. It is usually based on the size of qualifying expenses and job opportunities created. The production company does not have to file a tax return for the rebate.

At the moment, the tax incentive scheme does not include international productions. Foreign productions that involve filming in Tunisia are eligible for a VAT exemption. The exemption applies to all production costs. The 18% refund does not apply for hotel or airline tickets. If the project contributes to the image interest for Tunisia, an 80% subvention can apply. The Ministry of Tourism covers this subvention for transport and hotel costs.

Rely on Fixer Tunisia to guide you through the formalities. Make the most of the local resources with the help of a professional fixer for documentary films.