Location scouting in Tunisia gives you access to plenty of photogenic filming locations. Open-air sets include golden dunes, rocky deserts, stunning beaches, the blue sea. This North African country offers many diversified locations within a rather small territory. With our location scouting in Tunisia, you find the path to the perfect place for your production.

Count on a professional fixer in Tunisia and make the most of the traditional looking towns. Capture the traces of history, lingering on well-preserved architecture. World Heritage sites, bustling souks, explore our selection of real gems.

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Location Scouting in Tunisia – Filming in Tunis

location scouting, Tunisia Filming Locations

When filming in Tunis, prepare to dive straight into history. And let your fixer for film production handle the details. A location full of potential, the city charms with its bustling souks and maze-like medina. Add the lost-in-time Roman ruins and you know Tunis will not disappoint. For your upcoming production here, rely for support on a local fixer for documentary. With our location scouting in Tunis, no photogenic place will remain unknown.

While you soak up cool vibes, we settle all the details for your video production. With our location scouting in Tunis, you can discover the old Medina’s true colors. Make waves in La Goulette port or get a closer look at Carthage’s historical remains. For the best support, trust us to be your fixer for film production.

The support of your fixer for documentary movies feels like an oasis in the desert. Keep your head out of the sand when filming in Tunis. Choose Fixer Tunisia.

Location Scouting in Tunisia – Filming in El Jem

location scouting, Tunisia Filming Locations

Documentary filming in El Jem can be a page right out of history books. Follow the steps of an experienced production coordinator and discover the real gem. Our location scouting in El Jem opens paths beyond touristic hotspots.

Reveal the secrets of the biggest amphitheater in North Africa. Recreate the atmosphere of Roman fights in a place lost in time. And rely on a knowledgeable production coordinator like us to handle the legal approvals. For documentary filming in El Jem, we can support you with top production assistance. Equipment rental, crew for hire and more, we cover them all.

Tell us your needs and we will do our best to cater to the best local resources. Our location scouting in El Jem and beyond ensures you don’t miss out on any photogenic set.

Fixer Tunisia is a top production coordinator providing insightful filming experiences. Let’s talk more about documentary filming in El Jem!

Location Scouting in Tunisia – Filming in the Sahara Desert

location scouting, Tunisia Filming Locations

Filming in the Sahara Desert can feel like you are in a galaxy far, far away. And for good reason. Star Wars part I, II and IV used the Tunisian desert landscape to envision a distant planet. Chott el Djerid, Ksar Ouled Soltane are only some of the spots featured. For filming in the Sahara Desert, get ready to capture the galactic landscape.

Successful productions like Raiders of the Lost Ark ask for professional gadgets. Fixer Tunisia can help you get the best deals on camera package rental. Our extensive support covers film permits in the Sahara Desert and more. And when it comes to production assistance, our services range from translation, formalities, to equipment rental.

Create your video masterpiece, let location scouting in the Sahara Desert to us. With our convenient camera package rental deal, you get the tools you deserve. From film permits in the Sahara Desert to affordable camera package rental, we offer them all.

When filming in the Sahara Desert, trust Fixer Tunisia for top production assistance.

Location Scouting in Tunisia – Filming in Matmata

location scouting, Tunisia Filming Locations

Matmata is famous for the troglodyte Berber houses. Featured in the 1977 Star Wars as Luke Skywalker’s home, the region is now mostly abandoned. Count on our location scouting in Matmata to find the most stunning spots. If you want to cover a story on the last Berbers living in these houses, count on us for production assistance.

We are a local, reliable team of media experts. We have been the top choice as a journalist fixer for many international brands. This is because we provide top location scouting in Matmata, as well as crew for hire. If you need a production assistant or camera operator, we can help.

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